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Communicate Faster

Instant Parent, student communication for schools and teachers.

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Collaborate Better

Establish a collaborative culture with dyanamic groups.

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Simplify Payments

Easy payments & reminders on mobile

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Save Cost & Reduce Paperwork

Send unlimited announcements and messages

Features designed for modern preschools

Most loved preschool mobile app

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Unlimited Announcements

Send messages, documents, events

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Configure one way or two way messaging for you school and class channels

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Attendance & Logbook

One click attendance for both staff and students. School center logbook maintained for activity audits

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All dates in one place, streamlined and sorted. Automated reminders to ensure no dates are forgotten

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Mobile payments

Easy cashless payments for school fees, activity, event and trip payments

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Share students' achievements with parents in our awesome templates

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School communication made easy

Skooly brings all your communication together, giving everyone a shared view where communication is organized, sorted and accessible easily

"Send announcements, newsletters, handouts, circular, attachments, worksheets, printouts, photos & videos."

Mobile Notifications

SMS & Email

Long Messages

Newsletters, Documents, Images, Videos

Billing & Payments

Create invoices and manage your business in one place. Parents can pay one click and deposited to your bank account

  • Send invoices
  • Set automatic reminders
  • Reports
  • Activity, fee payments
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Classroom Features

From assignments to classwork collaboration, Skooly helps you bring your classroom together in one simple, easy to use app.

  • Send homework
  • Schedule class events
  • Motivation with badges
  • Learning clarifications, discussion

Digital Attendance for Staff and Students

Routine operational tasks can be done in a click. Digital Attendance and Leave Management is applicable to both Staff and Students.

  • Student Attendance
  • Staff Attendance
  • Checkin Kiosk
  • Selfie Checkin, parent or student checkin
  • Student and Staff leave application
  • Attendance and Leave Notifications
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Class Scheduling / Timetable

Schedule group classes, one to one, manage teacher schedules

  • Upload Match Schedule
  • Add Match Report
  • Update Match Report
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Groups Collaboration

Skooly makes it easy for various class groups to collaborate with each other on various activities or class assignments. With options fo class groups , staff groups as well as custom groups , school communication is a cinch.

  • School & Staff groups
  • Class groups

Security, Privacy & Access control

Skooly has a banking grade security for data privacy and access. All communication is secure with HTTPS and data encryption.

  • Schoolwide automatic rostering
  • Phone number & email privacy
  • Data security
  • Admin management & access controls
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